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It's Mental Health Awareness Week, De-Stress for less with our Massage Therapy.

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Mental health week
Mental health week

Mental Health And Massage Therapy.

It is well worth exploring a holistic approach to mental health. No single solution or quick fix can instantly make everything better. But learning to slow down, take care of yourself, and find a healthy balance is a good start. Regular massage, as part of a well-rounded health and wellness focus, can make a huge difference.

I have written this post with Mental Health Awareness Week in mind, I have had many discussions this week with my customers and thought there was no better time than now to examine the effects massage can have on your mental health!

The link between physical and mental health is well-known and well-researched. After all, it is impossible to have one without the other. Stress can have a huge impact on both aspects of our well-being, and there is no lack of finding areas that cause stress in our normal daily lives; the workplace, relationships, financial stress, and the list goes on. Finding healthy coping strategies for dealing with stress can help us deal with both physical and mental issues. While most of us know that massage is fantastic for a broad range of physical problems, science also proves that regular massage has impressive effects on our mental health. Scheduling a regular massage in your routine can help transform your body, mind, and productivity. Here’s why...

Calm Your Mind.

Along with the physical changes that massage can cause, the simple act of taking a break from your busy schedule even for 30 minutes can help reset your brain and let you take some deep breaths. The opportunity to step away from your daily tasks can help give you perspective, so you return to your tasks with a fresh mind and body.

Lower your Stress.

Cortisol is the “stress” hormone. When this is running wild, we feel exhausted, anxious, and tense. Prolonged stress and elevated cortisol levels can lead to a host of other problems. Massage has been proven to reduce cortisol levels by as much as 30 per cent. This then supports your body in battling anxiety naturally.

Improve your Sleep.

Getting plenty of sleep is an essential part of any wellness routine. Without it, we are more susceptible to a range of physical and mental problems. While massage isn’t designed to send you off to dreamland on the spot, the effects of increased blood circulation, lowered heart rate, and relaxed muscles can help you sleep more easily - and for longer.

Feel Fresh and Energized.

Living with any mental illness is draining and exhausting. It can feel impossible to even drag yourself out of bed in the morning, let alone work with a clear head. Because massage improves circulation, you can feel more energized and focused, dispelling those feelings of fatigue and lethargy.

A Natural Way to Increase Serotonin and Dopamine.

Many antidepressants work by boosting low levels of serotonin in the brain but Scientists have discovered that massage can boost both serotonin and dopamine by about 30 per cent, giving us a natural mood boost.

So, if you want to explore the benefits of massage with De-Stress therapy contact De-Stress massage therapy.

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