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Our Philosophy

De-Stress Therapy was founded by Chantelle, a professional graduate with experience in customer relationships, particularly spa management and complementary therapies We know massage will make us move better and feel happier, but not everyone can make time for regular appointments. De-Stress massage is great preventive care and can have some instantly gratifying results. Check out these things massage can help you with right now.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy Treatments

It can relieve stress

Aromatherapy is incredibly powerful and the right scents can help the body and mind relax and de-stress. One study revealed that those using aromatherapy felt less pain and had lower stress levels than those who weren’t using aromatherapy during stressful situation.

Lavender scents, in particular, have been shown to reduce stress levels. Essential oils such as ylang-ylang and jasmine are believed to be effective in relieving stress, while basil and rosemary are thought to promote mental clarity. 

Using the oils within an aromatherapy massage is a great way to help relieve stress.

De-stress therapy  believe that our massage treatments  with the use of aromatherapy oils will help with the following 

Reduce Stress

Relieve Anxiety

Increased calmness and relaxation.

Decrease in muscle tension.

Pain relief.

A reduction of symptoms of depression. If you need improvement in health problems from anxiety to poor sleep, you may want to consider De-Stress aromatherapy

We use extracts from plants called essential oils, by either breathing them through your nose with a diffuser during your treatment and through a De-stress massage treatment by applying the essential oils to your skin.

De-Stress Massage invites you to step away from your busy life to enjoy peace, serenity and relaxation. 

As a massage therapist, I love and respect every person who walks into my treatment room. There is a special place in my heart for every client that has ever been on my table. The connection I feel with each and everyone is very real. Massage is my art form, and passion, having natural rhythm, my massage is rhythmic flowing and it's a beautiful feeling. It is a pure pleasure for me to give a massage treatment. 


My hands flow, my mind lets go, the client relaxes as breathing and heart rate slows down, muscles relax and let stress go. Feeling the power of positive touch healing someone's body and mind is an amazing shared experience. And seeing the peaceful relaxed look on my client's faces as they re-energize and rejuvenate is a great experience for me and my clients. Spreading positivity to whomever they encounter in the outside world 


I specialize in therapeutic treatments I designed and created oils from home to Re-energise, De-Stress and invigorate your body, mind and soul. 


I offer a massage treatment from my premises or alternatively at your home so you can relax in familiar surroundings to fully appreciate your treatment. 


As a professionally trained and accredited therapist from the consultation we can plan your treatment together to best meet your needs and naturally support you're well- being.

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