Most new clients have questions about getting undressed:


How much will the therapist ask me to take off?

I’ll tell you what clothes would be most helpful to take off, but only undress to a level you’re comfortable with, there is no pressure to undress any further.

Will the therapist stay in the room?

I always leave the room for you to undress and dress again afterwards. I always knock before entering the room and if you need more time you can just tell me to wait.

Should I bring shorts?

Clients who are sporty sometimes bring shorts for their session, it isn’t necessary but if you feel more comfortable in shorts you are welcome to wear them.

Should I take my trousers off for a back massage?

Lots of clients prefer to undress to their underwear even if only getting their back massaged as they feel more comfortable on the massage table.

For women, should I keep my bra on or take it off?

Most female clients remove their bra for the session but some prefer to keep it on. If you’re going to keep your bra on it’s helpful to be able to unclasp it when working through the back area.

Should I keep my socks on?

The most important thing is you feel completely comfortable and relaxed.


What’s best?


Strangely swimming briefs are perfect for massage. Why? They’re designed to be worn around oily skin such as sun lotion and they provide great personal cover. For men, speedo style swimming trunks are great, please no Hawaiian surfing shorts! For women, bikini briefs, not an all-in-one costume.

Most massage techniques I use are best directly on the skin. For a full body massage, I’ll ask you to undress your underwear. For upper or lower body sessions, I’ll only ask you to remove the clothing covering those areas such as your top or trousers, tights, dress or skirt.


You’re covered by a large sheet when on the table and it’s used to cover you for the whole treatment. Only the area being worked is uncovered at any time.